Productivity: One Cloud Tool to rule them all!

Health, wellness and fitness is not just about  the physical, mental, and emotional attributes of being resilient. Being productive in body is only useful if you are also productive in mind and therefore your day-to-day life too. Hence me writing this post on a very cool Cloud based tool I’ve been using for my businesses and my Clients. Although I do have personal affiliations with the creators of this product, there are no financial affiliations.

How organised are you?

If someone came up to you right now and said ” Show me the 3 most important things you are working on, and I also want to know what you are doing on the weekend, and oh, by the way, what have been the most impactful life experiences that have influenced you as a person?”

Would you be able to answer these questions on the spot, whilst still maintaining focus?

Nope, me neither! Well, perhaps I could answer these in isolation. But all at once? I’d need some time to think, and most probably something to jog my memory.

I now have a single tool to do both!


It’s called Podout, and it will change the way we all collate information in every part of our lives.

Podout is an online hub for every single facet of information. It is a database; it is a Social Media content and curation tool; it is a centralised education and collaboration mechanism so that you don’t have to log into several different App’s, platforms, or devices. You create separate ‘pod’s’ under your home page which give you one-stop-shop access to all of these. This screenshot below will give you an idea of how this looks:

Podout screenshotHow does Podout make me more productive?

It makes me more productive by having one online, secure, up-to-date database with links to everything that is both personally and professionally important to me. When you are running two Start Ups, and have five kids, this comes in very handy when trying to organise your life!

Any data on any Social Media and Cloud based platform is replicated onto the centralised page above once i link to it, making it the most collaborative productivity tool i have come across this.

You can access it here, and test it for yourself.

And don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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