The Diet Decoder!

The only thing worse than a diet are ‘trendy’ diets! You know the ones: they usually involved either a C grade celebrity, and a bunch of fake-tanned, holier-than-thou, pseudo model types telling you how delicious the food is and how easy the diet is to stick too!

Yeah, right!

Here’s the one rule we can all go with when it comes to eating: One size DOES NOT fit all! What may be a great way to diet and eat for one person, may not be the best way to diet and eat for the person right next to them. You need to take time to decipher what works for you, along with exploring any underlying medical or genetic conditions.

The flip side is that not all diet’s are fad’s or just trendy! There are some smart ways to eat. And whilst I don’t advocate you go hardcore on just one of the diet’s below, perhaps you could take the best bits out of each and see how you go.

And stop listening to C grade celebrity’s!

Diet Decoder

Sources and Notes:

  • Any rant by the author is purely frustration driven by the food industry confusing the hell out of everyone, and all views are his own 🙂

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