Vitaminwater: Nice try Coca-Cola!

Vitamins and Water are two of the first words that most people think of when asked to list what it means to be healthy.Unfortuantely, because of this very reason, these words are also prime candidates for Marketer’s to use to promote any product they want, whether it be truly healthy or not.Think ‘paleo’, ‘gluten-free’, ‘low-fat’, ‘low-sugar’, or my personal favourite, ‘super-food’! These should be indicators of healthy options, however all of these terms have been demonised to sell whatever the large food company’s want to sell.

Which is a great Segway to Coca-Cola, and their promotion of ‘Vitaminwater’. The article below by Kris Gunnarson from Authority Nutrition is pretty damning, yet fact based.

Read on via the link below, don’t be fooled by marketing terms or clichés, and keep your vitamins and water separate! 🙂