Are you spending 70 years inside?

Food, warmth, shelter. We’ve been told that these are the three essential elements for survival. No one is arguing.

But could we have gone too far with the whole ‘shelter’ aspect?

It is certainly easier than it has ever been in the history of mankind not to leave your house, with everything you could want or need being available if you have a decent Internet connection. At a certain price of course. And because our needs and wants come at a price, let alone our food, warmth, shelter, we need to work. We’re spending a lot of our time in an office, so we can spend a lot of time inside our homes. The result? Sedentary, lazy bodies; Obesity; Sickness and illnesses prior generations never suffered; Vitamin D deficiency; and over-indulgence.

Why am I writing this Post? Because this statistic/ illustration below, as published in New Scientist, absolutely floored me:


Get outside, embrace the weather, move, and learn more about yourself than you ever will via an Internet connection!

Sources and Notes:

  • A Ridgway, The secret life of your home, New Scientist, February, 2015.
  • Yes, I did write this Post on my laptop, sitting as my desk, whilst inside. Now I’m going for a run! 🙂

One thought on “Are you spending 70 years inside?

  1. Good post babe.

    And yes I’ll be going outside for a walk shortly ☺


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