Top 5 original ‘Superfoods’!

Definition of ‘Marketing Hype’:

Noun (1): Extravagant or intense publicity and promotion.

Verb (2): Promote or publicise (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating it’s benefit

I think these definitions, both combined, best describe the term ‘Superfoods’!

You can’t watch an advertisement about ‘healthy’ food, either on TV or online, without the food in question being termed a ‘Superfood’. Apparently, these ‘Superfoods’ only just came into existence a few years ago. Before that, we were just stuck with plain old boring ‘Health Foods. Or, heaven forbid, just food! Thank goodness ‘Superfoods’ have arrived! How have we ever survived so long without them?

Ok. Rich, get off your soapbox, Rant over.

In case you can’t tell, as a health and fitness professional, I’m a little jaded by health and fitness fads. And I’m a lot jaded by ‘Superfoods’! But why be so cynical about something that is meant to be so good for you?

‘Superfoods’ is a marketing term. Actually, it’s everywhere, so it’s a marketing cliché. ‘Super’ sounds a lot more friendly than ‘health’, and it still carries the positive connotations. And it sounds cool. Don’t believe me? Do this test:

What comes to mind when I say HEALTH FOOD? Diets? Veggies? Muesli? Herbal Tea? Fruit? Fish and brown rice every night for dinner?

How about SUPER FOOD? Quinoa, Chia, Activated nuts, Kale, Almond Milk, Sustainably bred – free-range – pasture-fed –  organic – organ meats?

C’mon, you know you thought of restrictive, boring choices with Health Food. But ‘Superfoods’, man, they are, well…super!

So what if I was to tell you that the original ‘Superfoods’ are something that your Grandma most likely used to make? And that you can buy these from any Supermarket? And that these foods are super-cheap compared to their hyped-up ‘Superfood’ counterparts?

Read on for the Core Health Dynamics Top 5 original Superfoods:

1.Broccoli: this is the original Kale! Green, full of nutrients, can be added to a green smoothie raw, or cooked as a great side! Gram for gram, these green vegetables have impressive amounts of Vitamins A, C, and B-6. However, try eating say a 100g – 200g or so of Kale in one sitting, versus the same amount of Broccoli. The latter wins hands down! From limiting the spread of cancer [1], to powering up your bodies little bacterial-like energy systems, your Mitochondria [2], broccoli is an affordable and easy to find choice!

2.Berries: Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries: they’re all good! Some of these appear to be especially good to help with cognitive abilities and slowing down rates of cognitive decline [3]. My Grandparents are 95 and 97 respectively, and although they struggle to get around, they’re still sharp as tacks! I need to check out how many berries they’re eating!

3. Eggs: Buy them by the dozen, eat them by the dozen. Well, perhaps not in one sitting. Eggs are arguably the most nutrient dense food on the planet, and the egg whites are a fantastic source of protein for any fitness program [4]. Be aware though that associations to cholesterol are now being debunked, and the whole of the egg should be consumed.

4.Butter: Whether you’re adding it onto steamed vegetables, or putting it in your coffee, the benefits of butter are still being discovered. Apart from the Butyric Acid in butter being used as a fuel source instead of Glucose for your Brain, there are now links to Pyruvic Acid, something your body manufactures from butter, as being a Cancer fighting agent, How times change, huh?  And if you’re still in the “butter = fat = early death!” camp, have a read of this article [5]

5.Ginger: I’m cheating a little here, as technically Ginger is a spice, not a food. But it is just so good for you! Where do we start? Scientific article after scientific article will tell you that Ginger does everything from helping with digestion, to helping increase feelings of satiety, to being an anti-inflammatory, reducing the effects of nausea, rheumatism, and on it goes. Chop it up into stir-fries, strain it into teas, mix it into juices. It’s cheap and it’s everywhere!

There are two caveats with this list:

i. There are a HEAP of other foods that could be added in this top 5 list!

ii. Not all Superfoods are bad. In fact, most are not bad at all. It’s just that they’ve been made to look like life-enhancing elixir’s, and sold at premium prices.

It’s the fad I’m attacking here, not the foods!

Eat a good mix of vegetables, a moderate amounts of fruit. Mix this with ‘clean’ protein options such as beef, lamb, chicken, and  turkey; and ‘clean’ carbohydrate options such as small amounts of brown rice, sourdough bread, and oats, all organic where possible. Wash this all down with water and vegetable juices…and maybe the occasional glass of red wine (I’m only human!)

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Sources and Notes:

[1] – Y Li, Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with Sulphoraphane, a Dietary Component from Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts, 2013.

[2] – CN Armah, A Diet Rich in High-Glucoraphinin Broccolli Interacts with Genotype to Reduce Discordance in Plasma Metabolite Profiles by Modulating Mitochondrial Function. 2013.

[3] – EE Devore, Dietary intakes of Berries and Flavanoids in relation to Cognitive Decline, 2012.

[4] – A. Hida, Effects of Egg White Protein Supplementation on Muscle Strength and Serum Free Amino Acid Concentrations, 2012.

[5] – M Raff, A Diet Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Butter Increases Lipid Peroxidation but does not affect Atherosclerotic, Inflammatory, or Diabetic Risk Markers in Young Men.

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