Can’t remember that person’s name? Get more sleep!

Sleep is the most beneficial aspect of any health and fitness program!

More than nutrition, more than physical movement, sleep impacts EVERYTHING you do. You simply will not reach your fitness goals if you don’t get quality shut eye!

From a business and productivity point of view, this has other effects. Do you forget people’s names, or react irrationally sometimes after a poor nights sleep? Well, don’t feel like you’re Robinson Crusoe here! There is some science behind why this happens.

You’re Temporal Lobes of your brain are located on the outer left and right hands sides of your grey matter. In these areas are located your areas for memory retention and emotional processing, your Hippocampus and Amygdala respectively. Studies show that these Temporal Lobes are heavily affected due to lack of sleep [1].

This infographic below from [2], and written by Theresa Fisher[3], shows how sleep deprivation impacts on different areas of your brain, and therefore your day to day life! Some of these impacts could be career limiting, so take note, and hit the hay stat!

Sleep Deprivation

Sources and Notes:

[1] G Palmgren, Australian Science Illustrated,Issue #35, 2015. Get a little shut eye.



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