Easter Detox: Ban the Bunny! 4 Day detox starts on Tuesday, April 10th!

Look, I’ve got nothing against Easter!

In fact, there is a lot going for it. You get/have:

  1. Holidays, or at least an extended weekend.

  2. If you’re a Christian, you get to ride a 2,000 year old emotional roller-coaster (Christ has died – Booo!; Christ has risen – Yay!).

  3. Chocolate! FREAKIN’ CHOCOLATE!! (BTW – you should check out our Cacao Protein Energy Ball Recipe here!)

And it’s this last one that gets me excited! For 2 big reasons:

  1. I get a valid reason to over-indulge in my fave food of all time!

  2. I then get a reason to go hardcore on working out and nutrition!

Which leads us onto only 1 ultimatum:

1. Ban the bunny, and DETOX!

Core Health Dynamics Easter Detox starts on Tuesday the 10th of April and is designed to purge your body of chocolate overindulgence! This will be a fully structured, supervised nutrition plan, which will take 4 days. The all-inclusive cost is only $29! That’s less than $8 per day to detox, get your nutrition and exercise back into check, and feel absolutely amazing!

Are you in?

Email me at rich@corehd.com.au and let’s BAN THE BUNNY! (after Easter that is…I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?).

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