The Evolution of the USDA Food Pyramid: An Unsound Foundation

Wow, it’s been a while huh? My apologies, it’s been a little manic, but have to admit I seriously miss Blogging when I don’t have time to get to it!
Anyway, I’m cheating by re-Blogging this Post below by Jessie at Health Hacking! Her website is right here: . Jessie is a Bio-chemist so knows her stuff. Her writing is articulate, informed, and entertaining. Go on, Follow her, I know you want too!
This Post is relevant for any country that has government led dietary guidelines. It’s very similar to Australia’s actually (which is scary). Enjoy, and Follow!


2015 is going to bring great things. Among others, HBO’s Veep season 4, the AppleWatch, but most importantly, the USDA is going to publish their new Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Every 5 years, the institution graces us with a data-filled report, and a simple take-home message, usually in the form of a pyramid (or more recently, a plate) to tell us what diet to adopt in order to “maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and promote overall health” (sic).

While we wait with bated breath, please allow me to take you on a trip down memory lane and look at the evolution of this dear Food Pyramid.

Let’s start in 1943. The USDA created the ‘basic seven’ food groups which they recommended every American ate on a daily basis.
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.31.48
These were the first guidelines, and in my opinion, the best the USDA ever gave. It’s all down hill from…

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