Core Health Dynamics | Top 3 reasons to train on a cold, dark morning!

If i could say one thing about working out, it would be this: “People, train hard in Winter!” You will reap the benefits of maintaining year round conditioning and fitness, from reduced susceptibility to colds and flu’s, more motivation in all aspects of your life, and of course keeping that dreaded Winter body fat at bay!

Want more reasons? See below:

3) Train like no else is watching!

This is easy to do, cause no one else will actually be watching! Have you noticed how many people on exercise regimes drop out at the first sign of wind, rain, or snow? The park where I train one of my most committed clients was empty the other morning between 6am and 7am. It was actually a very cool feeling having it to ourselves. You have heaps of space, and the entire area is yours to do what you will with!

Additionally, if you’re self-conscious, then I repeat: In Winter, no one is around! You can do what you want, and not worry about anyone else being within shouting distance!

2) You can go harder, for longer!

No, not a line from a erectile dysfunction advertisement, but instead referring to the fact there is no blazing hot sun, 99% humidity, or 16 hours of daylight making you fry while you run around. With the temperature being colder, it will take you longer to warm up; but once you are, you can just keep going, and going, and going! However, don’t fall into the trap of not rehydrating yourself. You still need to ingest the same amount of water relative to the length of your workout.

1) If you train in the darkest, coldest, most despondent time of the year, then training in the light, warm, invigorating months will be a breeze!

Still, I hear ya: easier said than done!

So try this: before you go to bed, spend two minutes visualising the training for the next morning: the sun slowly rising, feeling the warmth of it on your face and body, the sound of you shoes as they hit the road, dirt, grass, sand (insert other terrain here!), or the feel of this terrain under your hands, or back, or stomach, depending on your workout of choice.

Then finally, visually ‘feel’ all the positive emotions that will be flowing through you when you finish up, are getting changed, and walking back to your car or house, knowing that no matter how busy this day gets, you did something for yourself! Try it…you can feel it, right?

And as an added bonus, you’ll probably drop off to sleep sooner too!

I’m a massive fan of Winter morning workouts. You know the biggest reason? Well apart from those reasons above, you get some amazing photo opportunities. Check out my Instagram pics of the sandhills I run for my trail running and Obstacle Course racing!

Now get your shivering butt out there and go and have fun!

One thought on “Core Health Dynamics | Top 3 reasons to train on a cold, dark morning!

  1. Good article by the way. It actually motivated ME! I wanted to get off the train and start running damn it!!

    If it can motivate me to train it must be good 🙂


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