Natural Detox: Lemon Water!

OK, I’ll be the first to admit: Blogging about Lemon Water is not a riveting subject, to write about or to read.


…just turning this simple act into a daily habit has so many great benefits, I wanted to share it with you (except for the whole pH balance thing, ignore that, it’s been well and truly debunked!).

This infographic is little more entertaining than just reading about it too!

So, with a shout out to, try it out for 3 days and I guarantee you’ll feel the difference!

Lemon Water

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4 thoughts on “Natural Detox: Lemon Water!

  1. Hmm this is interesting. I’ve tried the ‘lime cure’, a Brazilian health boost to balance your ph levels, with limes. You drink freshly squeezed juice from one lime each day in the morning on an empty stomach and gradually build up the amount of limes. Usually up to twelve days. I love lime/lemon water and they both seem to have great benefits. Good to know!


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