De-Toxing? Use these Supp’s!

Flat Belly Feb – Supplement List

Supplements (Supp’s), such as vitamins, herbs, and other ‘health food’ shop derived products, are not absolutely necessary for great results during Flat Belly Feb. If you stick to the shopping list, and stay away from the foods on the FAT Belly Feb list, then after a week you should feel lighter, less bloated, and clearer headed. However, there are some Supp’s that really can assist with each stage of this program.

Below is a list of Supp’s broken out by the weekly stages you should take them in, along with their approximate cost. It is important that you stick to these weekly stages with the Supp’s in order to compliment the Flat Belly Feb program itself. These Supp’s can be purchased from chemists, health food Stores, or some even from supermarkets.

BUT…take care not to pay excessive amounts for these! It may take some shopping around, but you can find some great quality Supp’s at lower prices. You don’t need the $70.00+ broad spectrum, one zillion bacteria per capsule Probiotic for example (which a lot of health food shop employees seem to want to sell you!). To help with this, I have included a ‘Cost Table’ on the next page, and notes on each Supp to give you an idea of what to look for.

Finally, if I’m on a budget and had to choose one Supp, what would it be? Well, after taking aim at the Supp above, my choice would still be Probiotics. A good Probiotic, with a minimum number of bacterial species, with at least 25 Billion to 50 Billion bacteria per capsule will do amazing things for your gut, digestion, bloating, skin, and even your mood! A big red light here is ‘Yakult’. DO NOT take this. It is not a true Probiotic supplement, and is full of bad chemicals, sugar and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).

Cost Table:

$ = Less than $20.00

$$ = $20.00 – $40.00

$$$ = $40.00+

Supp:                                Cost:                      Why:

Black Walnut                      $$                           Removes parasites and fungal growth in digestive tract.

Colostrum                          $$$                         Prebiotic properties to encourage good bacterial growth.

Supp                           Cost        Why: 

Probiotic                      $$            Good bacteria to populate and proliferate inside

your intestinal area.

What makes a good Probiotic: it will have a minimum 25 billion bacteria per capsule, and will have either three or all four of the species Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and any species of Bifobacterium.  (Email me if you want to know the why/what/ and how of these good bacteria).

Supp:                                         Cost:                      Why:

Liver Detox                                   $$                           Flushes Liver, must have Milk Thistle + Dandelion Root.

Milk Thistle                                    $                            Flushes Liver, cheaper but effective version of above.

Dandelion Tea / Coffee                 $                            Works in tandem with Milk Thistle, coffee alternative.

I’ve found some of these items for $10 to $15 in the supermarket, whilst others I’ve had to search for and pay a little extra. They will assist in the effectiveness of Flat Belly Feb, but they are not essential for great results.

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