Core Health Dynamics | Top 3 reasons to train on a cold, dark morning!

If i could say one thing about working out, it would be this: “People, train hard in Winter!” You will reap the benefits of maintaining year round conditioning and fitness, from reduced susceptibility to colds and flu’s, more motivation in all aspects of your life, and of course keeping that dreaded Winter body fat at bay!

Want more reasons? See below:

3) Train like no else is watching!

This is easy to do, cause no one else will actually be watching! Have you noticed how many people on exercise regimes drop out at the first sign of wind, rain, or snow? The park where I train one of my most committed clients was empty the other morning between 6am and 7am. It was actually a very cool feeling having it to ourselves. You have heaps of space, and the entire area is yours to do what you will with!

Additionally, if you’re self-conscious, then I repeat: In Winter, no one is around! You can do what you want, and not worry about anyone else being within shouting distance!

2) You can go harder, for longer!

No, not a line from a erectile dysfunction advertisement, but instead referring to the fact there is no blazing hot sun, 99% humidity, or 16 hours of daylight making you fry while you run around. With the temperature being colder, it will take you longer to warm up; but once you are, you can just keep going, and going, and going! However, don’t fall into the trap of not rehydrating yourself. You still need to ingest the same amount of water relative to the length of your workout.

1) If you train in the darkest, coldest, most despondent time of the year, then training in the light, warm, invigorating months will be a breeze!

Still, I hear ya: easier said than done!

So try this: before you go to bed, spend two minutes visualising the training for the next morning: the sun slowly rising, feeling the warmth of it on your face and body, the sound of you shoes as they hit the road, dirt, grass, sand (insert other terrain here!), or the feel of this terrain under your hands, or back, or stomach, depending on your workout of choice.

Then finally, visually ‘feel’ all the positive emotions that will be flowing through you when you finish up, are getting changed, and walking back to your car or house, knowing that no matter how busy this day gets, you did something for yourself! Try it…you can feel it, right?

And as an added bonus, you’ll probably drop off to sleep sooner too!

I’m a massive fan of Winter morning workouts. You know the biggest reason? Well apart from those reasons above, you get some amazing photo opportunities. Check out my Instagram pics of the sandhills I run for my trail running and Obstacle Course racing!

Now get your shivering butt out there and go and have fun!

Natural Detox: Lemon Water!

OK, I’ll be the first to admit: Blogging about Lemon Water is not a riveting subject, to write about or to read.


…just turning this simple act into a daily habit has so many great benefits, I wanted to share it with you (except for the whole pH balance thing, ignore that, it’s been well and truly debunked!).

This infographic is little more entertaining than just reading about it too!

So, with a shout out to, try it out for 3 days and I guarantee you’ll feel the difference!

Lemon Water

Sources and Notes:

Flat Belly Feb – ask the experts!


Flat Belly Feb is firing!

We’re past the half way point, and if you’ve been following the program, you should be feeling pretty good right now – more energy, less bloating, and having better quality sleep!

And while I’ll take the credit for the Flat Belly Feb program itself, I can’t take the credit for the science, research and brains behind it. That would be these folks below. By far, the best health and wellness books I have read (so far)! Worth the read, and great references! (check out all the page tags sticking out of some of these!).

Health and Wellness Books

De-Toxing? Use these Supp’s!

Flat Belly Feb – Supplement List

Supplements (Supp’s), such as vitamins, herbs, and other ‘health food’ shop derived products, are not absolutely necessary for great results during Flat Belly Feb. If you stick to the shopping list, and stay away from the foods on the FAT Belly Feb list, then after a week you should feel lighter, less bloated, and clearer headed. However, there are some Supp’s that really can assist with each stage of this program.

Below is a list of Supp’s broken out by the weekly stages you should take them in, along with their approximate cost. It is important that you stick to these weekly stages with the Supp’s in order to compliment the Flat Belly Feb program itself. These Supp’s can be purchased from chemists, health food Stores, or some even from supermarkets.

BUT…take care not to pay excessive amounts for these! It may take some shopping around, but you can find some great quality Supp’s at lower prices. You don’t need the $70.00+ broad spectrum, one zillion bacteria per capsule Probiotic for example (which a lot of health food shop employees seem to want to sell you!). To help with this, I have included a ‘Cost Table’ on the next page, and notes on each Supp to give you an idea of what to look for.

Finally, if I’m on a budget and had to choose one Supp, what would it be? Well, after taking aim at the Supp above, my choice would still be Probiotics. A good Probiotic, with a minimum number of bacterial species, with at least 25 Billion to 50 Billion bacteria per capsule will do amazing things for your gut, digestion, bloating, skin, and even your mood! A big red light here is ‘Yakult’. DO NOT take this. It is not a true Probiotic supplement, and is full of bad chemicals, sugar and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).

Cost Table:

$ = Less than $20.00

$$ = $20.00 – $40.00

$$$ = $40.00+

Supp:                                Cost:                      Why:

Black Walnut                      $$                           Removes parasites and fungal growth in digestive tract.

Colostrum                          $$$                         Prebiotic properties to encourage good bacterial growth.

Supp                           Cost        Why: 

Probiotic                      $$            Good bacteria to populate and proliferate inside

your intestinal area.

What makes a good Probiotic: it will have a minimum 25 billion bacteria per capsule, and will have either three or all four of the species Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and any species of Bifobacterium.  (Email me if you want to know the why/what/ and how of these good bacteria).

Supp:                                         Cost:                      Why:

Liver Detox                                   $$                           Flushes Liver, must have Milk Thistle + Dandelion Root.

Milk Thistle                                    $                            Flushes Liver, cheaper but effective version of above.

Dandelion Tea / Coffee                 $                            Works in tandem with Milk Thistle, coffee alternative.

I’ve found some of these items for $10 to $15 in the supermarket, whilst others I’ve had to search for and pay a little extra. They will assist in the effectiveness of Flat Belly Feb, but they are not essential for great results.

FAT Belly Feb – your NO-GO food and drink list for February!


‘Fat’ Belly Feb, ‘Flat’ Belly Feb…see what I did there? Anyway…

The first step in getting a flatter belly (not just for February, but, well, forever!)is ensuring we eliminate those foods and drinks that commonly cause bloating, or are just plain bad for you. Some of these items only need to be eliminated for a short period of time; some for the duration of Flat Belly Feb; whilst others would be good to forego forever if you can!

If this seems difficult, or if there are foods you have cravings for, just remember that this is only for 3 weeks! That works out to be 21 days out of 365, or 5.75% of your whole year. You will have the remaining 94.25% of the year to have these…if you really want too.

Finally, although we may be eliminating many foods and drinks you are used to, we will be replacing these with alternatives. Elimination Diet’s don’t work that well unless you have something else to consume. Although the list below looks like we’ll have you only eating air and drinking water, I assure you that the Flat Belly Feb Shopping List will ease any concerns you have. It’s always better to get the ‘bad news’ out of the way first though!

Print out the next page and put it on your fridge, your office cubicle, or wherever you will walk past it each day. And take it with you when you go to the supermarket along with your Flat Belly Feb Shopping List, which you will receive later this week.

If you need to contact me you should have my email address by now. If not, drop me an email or leave a Comment!


FAT Belly Feb – Foods to Avoid

  1. Any conventional Fast Food (E.g. McDonalds, KFC, Subway, etc.).
  2. Any Take-Away Food (Hamburgers, hot chips, pizza, battered fish etc.) The one exception is Charcoal and Roast Chickens from take-away places. You can eat these.
  3. Lollies, candy, chewing gum, biscuits, cookies, or any confectionary.
  4. Ice Cream and Ice Blocks.
  5. Chips, crackers, and dips. You can make your own dips, click here for some recipes, and put ‘Dip Me’ in the subject line.
  6. All Chocolate. Yes, ALL. Sorry….
  7. All Dairy, except for hard (cheddar) cheese, you may have two slice of this per week. And you may also have natural, unflavoured Greek Yoghurt, but no more than two small tubs per week.
  8. All Breads, Pastas, and Cereals. Anything with Wheat, Bran, Barley, Oats, Quinoa,Rye, and White Rice. A small amount of Brown Rice (two tablespoons maximum) is allowed twice a week. Use this to bolster yourself after a training sessions or long day at work.
  9. Any canned foods, except for Tuna.
  10. Processed meats (Salami, Pastrami, Devon, Chicken Loaf etc).
  11. Dried Fruits.

FAT Belly Feb – Drinks to Avoid

  1. COFFEE…got that one out of the way early! Don’t worry, we’ll re-introduce this mid-way between Week #2 and Week #3.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Lollies, candy, chewing gum, biscuits, cookies, cakes.
  4. Soft drinks.
  5. Milk and other Dairy.
  6. Tea with added Milk and Sugar. Black Tea is ok, herbal teas are even better. Add a quarter teaspoon of honey if need be.
  7. Fruit Juices, both those in bottles and cartons from the Supermarket, and even fresh fruit juice, This is a really important one to avoid.
  8. Cordials.
  9. Soy Milk.
  10. Powdered Milks and substitutes.
  11. Whey Protein with added sugar. Try and find pure, grass-fed Whey with only natural sweeteners.

BONUS: How to find and avoid hidden sugar!  Anything from the list below is sugar one form or another:

  • Sucrose / Glucose / Fructose / Dextrose / Maltose.
  • Maltodextrin.
  • Corn Syrup / Malt Syrup.
  • Fruit Juice.