Flat Belly Feb! Are you ready to feel better?


Christmas and New Year – how good were yours? I hope you had a great time with friends, family, pets, and with lots of eating, drinking and laughter!

But…oh no…it’s now almost the end of January 2015 – already! Yep, time does fly! And, you’re still eating and drinking like it Christmas and New Years eve, right? Which means you could be back at work or school feeling tired, grumpy, bloated, and lacking energy of any description! That sucks! But, we can fix that!

Introducing: Flat Belly Feb! #flatbellyfeb

Man lost weight

We’ll give you all you need to know to flatten that post- Christmas belly! Plus you’ll get your good vibes and  energy back,  you will sleep better, and you’ll beat the bloat – all inside 3 weeks! Better still, you have two options to help you feel great:

Option #1: Free, 3 x weekly plans on what foods and drink you can tuck into, and those you are going to have to forego for 3 weeks. You also receive tips, reminders, and recipe suggestions. Not too shabby!

Option #2: The paid version, whereby you get everything in Option 1, however you will have a Trainer Certified Workout Program that compliments your Flat Belly Feb plan, and a Trainer ON-CALL (yes, that is correct Ladies and Gents, your very own Trainer ON-CALL) for tips, motivation, and Q & A.

What do you need to do from here?

Easy – just go to:

1. http://www.corehd.com.au

2. Click on ‘Be Better’ in the top right hand of the screen.

3. Enter your name and email address, and hit register. (You’ll be re-directed to our Email List site ‘Aweber’ – don’t worry this is all cool and fully secure, we just need to verify you so we [and you] don’t get Spammed!).

And that, my friends, is that!

You will get a confirmation email from us here at Core Health Dynamics, and we’ll start with the tips and info for Flat Belly Feb straight away!

Sign up here for Flat Belly Feb! The only thing you have to lose in your belly!


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