Core Health Dynamics | Top 5 | Food Additives to AVOID!

Re-blogging some older Posts that newer Followers may have missed! This particular Post is one I was very happy with, a lot of research went into and it’s now used as a reference document by Core Health Dynamics. We hope you get some valuable insights and information from it! Enjoy!

Core Health Dynamics

Food. Additives. Stop and think a moment – isn’t it strange that these words are even in the same sentence?

Below is Core Health Dynamics top 5 Food Additives to avoid based on commonly available and ingested food and beverages. There are so many others that could be added here, especially if we were talking cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, however we’re concerned with good nutrition and great health, so we’ll stick to what we know!

There are approximately 300 additives allowed…

50 of these are considered questionable…

Food additives are used for a variety of means, from enhancing the tastes and colours of food and beverages, through to prolonging the shelf life and speeding up the manufacturing process.

There are approximately 300 of these additives allowed in Australian and New Zealand food (there are some variations between European*, US**, and Canadian** laws, however most are similar.) 50 of these are considered…

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