“Transform industries, enhance societies, change lives.”

I love quotes!

I keep a collection of them in a spreadsheet that also has my basic business plan on it. They’re just such a great source of inspiration when you ‘re having to grind through the harder parts of starting a business, or feeling so dog tired you could fall asleep standing up!

I’ve been doing both of these lately, but it’s all for the greater good – Core Health Dynamics is growing! Actually, we’re growing so rapidly I’ve had to invest a lot of time, money, and thought into how we manage the growth whilst still remaining true to the overall mission of the business. And the quote above in this Posts title really resonated when taking all this busyness into consideration!

So, why am I rambling? Well:

1> For the next few weeks, this Blog will go from two Posts to one Post per week. This is purely for time management purposes, not for lack of interest. I love writing. Always have. I would most probably publish Posts even if no one read them. I’ve been told this is the best reason to write cause its pure passion! And I’m nothing if not passionate!

2> The Core Health Dynamics website is being upgraded by the wonderful and clever folks at Creative Cloud! There will be FREE downloadable content, and the Blog will be replicated there too!

3> Social Media is go! We are already active on LinkedIn and Instagram, however Twitter and Facebook are about to launch. It’s pretty cool that the main driver for this has been Client demand!

The entire reason for Core Health Dynamics is to help people to be better, to feel better, and to do better; in all aspects of their life. So in order to “Transform industries, enhance societies, [and] change lives”, bear with us while we make these changes to help you, people you know, and the rest of the world around you!

And despite the ‘busyness’, I’m never too busy to answer an email, a comment, or take a phone call, so don’t be shy!

Rich and kids

5 thoughts on ““Transform industries, enhance societies, change lives.”

  1. I love quotes too! Apart from having a Pinterest board just stuffed with them I made a collage above my desk with my favorite short quotes and it’s a huge motivator, all you have to do is glance at them! I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks for sharing all this info!


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