Supplements 101| Natural anti-inflammatory’s!

Inflammation has been shown to be a pre-cursor of a lot of modern-day illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular related sickness! Additionally, inflammation around your bodies joints can take a real toll on you when trying to physically workout, or even just to move functionally.

The anti-inflammatory supplements blog has all the right information on the top 6 natural supplements which can help! I take Turmeric tablets twice a day, and add it to my Paleo Bone Broth too. Does it work? After having a knee reconstruction years ago, and a permanent pinched nerve in my shoulder, I still manage to do weights, kettlebells, trail running, swimming, and body weight sessions week in, week out. I’m sure that the Turmeric helps with alleviating some of the inflammation and therefore pain.

So Yes, I think it works!

And ginger is great for digestion and immunity!


To see the rest of the recommendations, read on!


Antiinflammatory Supps


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3 thoughts on “Supplements 101| Natural anti-inflammatory’s!

  1. Reblogged this on Pastries and Shenanigans and commented:
    I somehow hurt my jaw and have been on a semi-liquid diet for the past 4-5 days. Yea, not very pleasant and eating has become like a chore whenever I force myself to eat something other than yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Normal people would simply pop an anti-inflammatory to help with the inflammation of the jaw joint that’s causing the pain. However, I am severely allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs and therefore my only option was to not eat for a week while my jaw rested.

    Thankfully for this post, I learned of foods and ingredients that can reduce inflammation. I believe that keeping to a healthy diet, high and rich in these supplements, plus exercise could allow me to live a less inflamed life and in turn reduce any bodily pains I may experience due to inflammation.


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