Core Health Dynamics | Ketosis 101!

“Miracle Weight Loss”, “Fat Burning”, “The only D.I.E.t you’ll ever need”, ” Ketosis”….wait…what? One of these things is not like the other as the jingle on Sesame Street used to go.

If you Follow my Blog (which you should), then you’ll have realised I am vehemently against anything that promotes rapid fat loss or instant muscle gains, and anything with the word ‘D.I.E.t’ in it. So it annoys me that Ketosis is now being thrown around as the miracle cure-all for each of these. It’s a great tool in its own right, and is heavily reared in science and biochemistry. It is no passing fad or little box of pills you take from the supermarket.

HOWEVER…. (apologies for the upper case, but you really need to read this part) – Ketosis should NOT be used by:

  • Pre or post-natal women (say up to 9 months after the actual birth)
  • Those with Adrenal or Chronic Fatigue
  • Anyone who has hormonal issues or suffers from moderate Depression onwards.

The reason for this is that Ketosis while being a great tool when used properly, can play havoc with the hormones and chemicals in your body. If you’re not sure how to implement this into your Health and Fitness routine and want to try it, I would strongly suggest you seek the services of a Nutritionist, Naturopath, or an Endocrinologist (an ‘Endo’ who knows something about nutrition and exercise?…hmmm…good luck with that 🙂 ).

Or just hit me up via my web page –

Now, that’s the Disclaimer finished with. What is good about Ketosis? You can use it to regulate your weight, burn fat instead of glucose when training, and get rid of ‘brain fog’ and generally have sharper cognitive function. Good, huh?

The Infographic below from Craigasaurous and Daerina is a great visual depiction of what Ketosis is, how it happens, and how you can use it for specific Health and Fitness goals.

Oh, one more thing – yes, I use Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting about 5 days per week, as long as I’m not coming down with an infection or my ongoing Adrenal Fatigue issues decide to kick in. (No sitting the fence with Core Health Dynamics!).






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