5 Ways My Diet Has Changed Since My Foray Into The Paleo Lifestyle

We had so much positive feedback in regards to last Thursday’s ‘Paleo Periodic Table’ Post, so we decided we would continue on the Paleo theme!
This is Re-blogged from Cassy at http://onthe-in-side.com, and is a real honest look at what it is like to be a non- Trainer/Nutritionist and launch yourself into the Paleo Nutrition Plan / Lifestyle!
Thanks again to Kendra at http://ourpaleolife.com for the periodic table, and of course Cassy at http://onthe-in-side.com!

Wine & Dine to the Finish Line

Almost 2 months ago, I wrote about my decision to incorporate the Paleo lifestyle into my diet for a couple of weeks to see how my body and mind felt on it. You can read my full post on why I wanted to give it a go if you’d like, but basically, after a lot of research and time spent learning about the Paleo diet and its scientific backing, I was intrigued and I’m willing to try just about anything new to see how it works with my body. I’m a curious person by nature and, since health and fitness are so subjective, I think it’s always best to try things out for yourself rather than listening to other’s opinions.

Periodic Table of Paleo Food

For about 2 or 3 weeks, I followed the Paleo diet strictly and didn’t eat any grains, dairy, legumes, etc. In addition to cutting out these items, I also…

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