Nutrition 101- Paleo Periodic Table!

Core Health Dynamics came across this great little Periodic Table of Paleo Food via the following:

1) We Post a Blog. Or is that Blog a Post?…or Post a Post…i’m still new to this…

2) We get a ‘Good Job’ from a random reader, which I am learning is the second highest form of compliment you can pay a Blogger on WordPress! 🙂

3) Random reader turns out to be Cassy from On the inside, who is very nice and has cool Posts which you should read. Cassie has this table below on one of her Posts on trying Paleo, via…

4)   Kendra at Our Paleo Life, who has a great site and a great story to match! You should read it, then thank me later!


In the meantime, go to Our Paleo Life, and print this table out below, it makes being Paleo(ish)* easier!




Sources and Notes:

* Although I follow a Paleo nutrition plan 98% of the time, I do enjoy the odd raw milk protein shake, keffir, or hard, cheddar cheese, hence calling myself Paleo’ish’.

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