…Stomach Acid – here’s why it is SO important…

Heidi from ‘be…health’ is an awesome Nutritionist, and the person I turn to when I need that extra level of knowledge for all things food and gut problems!
I guarantee that all of us have suffered from these symptoms, but not known the reasons why!
Check out her great Post below:


GIT_Liver_GB_Pancreas_image I see people every week who’ve been to see every GP, Gastroenterologist, Dietician & a variety of other health professionals (and spiritual healers), that they think can fix their ailment/s.

Sadly, after spending lots of money, being put through barrages of unseemly and intrusive tests, (colonoscopies, endoscopies, coeliac testing, MRIs etc), they’re usually sent home, having gained no further information, other than, they’re “ALL-CLEAR” – “You’re fine!”

Excellent…but why do I still feel so bad after I eat?

That’s usually the point at which I come in! Having exhausted all other options, people come to me wanting answers about their stomach pain, bowel pain & IBS symptoms – AND RIGHTLY SO!! These are horrendous things to endure.

First things first…what is the purpose of Stomach Acid in my body?

I’ve read so many things about stomach acidity & the part it has to play in your digestive system, but I’ve still not come across anything quite as succinct and easy-to-understand…

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