Workout Nutrition – 101

“You get big in the gym; you lose weight in the kitchen”!

I first heard this on a Podcast featuring the legendary Vinnie Tortorich [1], and it become pretty much my mantra for all things around common sense Health and Fitness! I’m not sure if this is a ‘Vinnie original’, but you can’t argue with the logic behind it!

The good folks at Greatist [2] have come up with yet another fantastic Infographic on Pre and Post Workout Nutrition, for both Resistance and Cardio Training!

As per usual, there are some things I don’t 100% agree with on this (stay away from White Bread, Packaged Snacks and Chocolate Milk!), however it’s 95% on the money, is very easy to read, and cuts out a lot of the F.U.D (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) on all things Training and Nutrition.




Sources and Notes:

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[2] –

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