Vitamins 101!

Vitamins! Some people swear by them, some swear off them! At Core Health Dynamics we are absolutely, 100%, undeniably…sitting on the fence!

In theory you should get enough Vitamins from sound nutritional planning, however the reality is most of us won’t get this, due to skipping meals, being busy which leads to poor food choices, being duped by food labeling into thinking we’re consuming something healthy, when in fact it probably isn’t…the list goes on!

So to help wade through the quagmire of whether you should, or should not, in regards to Vitamins, this great Infographic below explains exactly what all the Vitamins are, what they do for your body, and what foods you can get them from. Then make your own choice – do you need to supplement with additional Vitamins? Although US based, a lot of the data comes from the World Health Organisation, so is relevant for all!

(For the record, your Blogger takes Vitamin B in the morning before training, and concentrated powdered Vitamin C once or twice per week!)

Vitamins 101 - what are you NOT eating here?

Vitamins 101 – what are you NOT eating here?

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